VIA Components Achternaaf 11spd Campagnolo
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VIA Components Achternaaf 11spd Campagnolo

VIA hubs incorporate revolutionary new designs along with a cassette body that contains 6 pawls and 60 ratchets.

Each group of pawls engages into the ratchet ring at the same time whenever drive torque is applied, this translates into faster and more efficient power transfer. In addition we have added a high-strength, hardness and precision fine extrusion process to the pawls and overall design. 

In our overall design of the product we insist on using only highest quality bearings that reduce friction while ensuring longer wheel life. We use only the highest performing product to date.

• Ceramic bearings
• 7075 aluminium body
• Interchangeable Campagnolo 10-11 speed
• 130mm spacing
• 269g
• 24h | 28h | 32h
• Black | Silver 

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